The Abbey Gateway, Romeland

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“I am the Abbey Gateway. I am a great and impressive sight. Along with cathedral, I am all that now remains of the famous old monastery. I have stood here for a very long time. There was a gate here before me, but in 1362 he just blew away in a gale. I am way too strong for that to happen to me. The Abbot that built me was also very strong. His name was Thomas de la Mare.
In 1381 the peasants revolted. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The rebels attacked and most of the monks just ran away. Not Thomas de la Mare. He stayed behind my strong gates and negotiated with the rebels until the King of England, Richard II regained control. Before the rebels were hanged, drawn and quartered I kept them prisoner within my cells, for I, was also a prison by this time.
Now… well now I am just a school. One of the oldest schools in the land. I have had many clever students within my walls, including Pope Adrian IV and Professor Stephen Hawking. I like to think my greatness rubbed off onto them.”

To find out more about this building, read the research from our Volunteers here >


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